Newbie questions and a bug report

From: Lauro, John <>
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 02:20:16 -0400


I am attempting to setup haproxy. It appears to be a fairly good choice in the open source options available. Look like the mail list was created perfect timing for me to send questions. :-)  

I think it's mostly configured ok, but including my config if you can spot any obvious bad or missing settings... It's not really tuned or load tested, so I do plan on tweaking some of them more once I put a real load through. I messed with a few settings trying to get persistent connections to work. I think persistent connections are working with this configuration for firefox, but not internet explorer. So, even though testing with just one user, it's creating tons of TIME_WAIT states.    

  1. How can I mark a server as down or going down? I don't want it to fail over for existing users, but I want it out of the rotation for new sessions. Then, I can leave it be for a few hours, do maintenance on it, and then how do I bring it back into the rotation? Seems like this would be possible on the admin page, but nothing seems clickable.
  2. How do I fix persistent connections when using internet explorer?

I am using version 1.2.17. (I just testing, and so can easily try 1.3 if you think it will help...)

Here is my config: (Note: Just in testing, so bb1, bb2, bb3, and bb4 are all in the /etc/hosts file with the same IP...)  


        maxconn 20000

        ulimit-n 65535

        log audit debug  

listen bb_balancer

        mode http

        bind :80

        cookie UMFBBID insert nocache indirect

        option httplog

        option dontlognull

        retries 4


        contimeout 5000

        clitimeout 150000

        srvtimeout 100000

        maxconn 10000

        balance roundrobin

        server bb1 cookie bb1 check port 80 inter 4000 fall 3 rise 5 maxconn 50

        server bb2 cookie bb2 check port 80 inter 4000 fall 3 rise 5 maxconn 50

        server bb3 cookie bb3 check port 80 inter 4000 fall 3 rise 5 maxconn 50

        server bb4 cookie bb4 check port 80 inter 4000 fall 3 rise 5 maxconn 50

# option httpclose

# option abortonclose

        option tcpka

        log global  

listen admin_page :8080

        mode http

        stats uri /lb_stats

        stats realm GlobalStats

        stats auth admin:?????

        balance roundrobin

        server bb

        contimeout 5000

        clitimeout 150000

        srvtimeout 100000    

3. I want admin_page to be for stats only. How come the config checker insists on specifying a server?  

4. The bug report.... and I am would guess it is related to the persistent connections... Log entries are going fine to syslog (once I enabled net login) for internet explorer... However, with firefox I a do not see any log entries. Once I close firefox, I only receive the first couple (I think it's the first couple) URLs, even though there should be dozens of hits.  

5. Probably just missed this in the docs, but... is there a standard local syslog option instead of so I don't have to tell syslog to listen to ip? Received on 2007/09/27 08:20

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