Question about Cookie-Configuration

From: Mirco Heibült <>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 21:47:13 +0100

Hello there,  

I have some problems with understanding the cookie sessions. I tried two things on my working haproxy.  


cookie SERVERID rewrite

#option httpclose  

Problem: Often I am redirected to another server although I was logged in my Community the SERVERID-Server, so the user was logged out! :-(  


cookie SERVERID insert

option httpclose  

Every PHP-Code had this at the beginning:  

// save used server




            $_COOKIE['SERVERID'] =


The second seemed better…but in the rush hour, the Server got totally slow, very unperformant. And sometimes there came no answer.

So I had to stop the second test and went back to the first configuration.  

Mmm…now I added the following at the beginng of any exectuted PHP-File, after the if-clause above:  

elseif($_COOKIE['SERVERID'] !=





This seemed to be a bad workaround. But how can I do the same best with haproxy? Of course I read the manual but I think I didn’t understand this perfect.    

Thanks for Help!  

Mirco Received on 2008/01/31 21:47

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