"HTTP/1.0 200" if its OK for mysql health check

From: Nathan Biondi <nbiondi#iridiumir.com>
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2008 15:24:04 -0700

Hi all,

In a previous thread Willy Tarreau had said:

>Until an SQL check is implemented, I would suggest that you connect to an
alternate port managed by inetd starting a trivial script on the servers. The script would be responsible for trying to connect to the >database using something representative (login, password, doing a request maybe), and return "HTTP/1.0 200" if it's OK, and "HTTP/1.0 500" (or nothing) if it fails. You could even think about putting the valid >response in a table and requesting that table to ensure that everything works as expected.

>To achieve this, you have to use the "port XXX" parameter after the "check"
keyword on the server line, and enable HTTP health checks. In fact, many people exploit the ability to HTTP check another port >because it helps them perform the most advanced check techniques on their servers.

Could anyone give me an example of what this might look like? I have written a pearl script that will connect to mysql and check a specified table for data, but I am curious about the correct syntax to hook it all up to haproxy.
Thanks in advance,

Nathan Biondi
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