Re: haproxy + IMAP

From: Guillaume Bourque <>
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2008 21:31:51 -0400

Hello Guy,

no prob at all to do what you want with haproxy !

you need to distribute the load using the option balance source.

I'm using haproxy to load balance Terminal Server traffic and it is very important for us to keep a a user on the same backend and this is exactly what balance source does.

Here is my definition for our TS service.


listen rdpfarm :3389

       mode tcp
       balance source
       # keep alive vers client et le serveur
       option tcpka

       server RDP-1 check port 3300
       server RDP-1 check port 3389 backup
       server RDP-2 check port 3300
       server RDP-2 check port 3389 backup

Guy a écrit :
> Hi,
> I'm currently doing load balancing of http and sql with haproxy and
> been happy with it, but I'm looking to do load balancing for two imap
> servers as well now. My back end set up allows both imap servers to
> access all users (via nfs mounts) so the users are not split across
> the servers. Most imap proxy/load balancing solutions seem to assume
> that the users are split across the machines. I basically need a load
> balancer that will keep an imap connection on the server it was
> started on unless the back end server fails. Since haproxy is already
> session aware (or so I've read), I was hoping it would also be capable
> of this? I've seen very few examples of haproxy with imap on the net,
> but there did seem to be one or two cases of it, but I wanted to be
> sure before spending too much time on it.
> Thanks
> Guy

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