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From: Christopher F. Falzone <>
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2008 10:54:59 -0400


I have been using haProxy for a while and it is working great. However, when one of my 3 servers stops responding, I am still getting traffic to it. I would guess this is due to the way I have the check setup. What I really want it to do is check and see if a particular URL is up instead of just the IP. I know there must be a way to do this, but these things really confuse me.

Below is my current config file. How would I change the check to look at a URL instead of just at the IP level?

Would I use ...
option httpchk /home/

Any help you can give is much appreciated :)

> global
> daemon
> quiet
> #debug
> nbproc 2
> ulimit-n 65536
> maxconn 5000
> listen http_proxy
> mode http
> cookie SERVERID insert nocache indirect
> balance source
> option forwardfor
> server cms1 cookie cms1 check #inter 10000
> server cms2 cookie cms2 check #inter 10000
> server cms3 cookie cms3 check #inter 10000
> clitimeout 150000
> srvtimeout 30000
> contimeout 4000
> redispatch

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