Re: bug report for haproxy 1.3.15

From: Patrick Viet <>
Date: Wed, 7 May 2008 09:52:48 +0200

> > Hello,
> > I don't know is this is true to haproxy but, in my recent research, keep alive is a bad option, at least between the client and the proxy, between the proxy and backends may help. Closing and discarding/sharing resources is better.
> I agree, I've been advocating the same for a long time, because it's not
> often possible to maintain tens of hundreds of idle connections to clients.


Actually, I've noticed a tremendous difference between keepalive and non-keepalive hosting.
It affects Internet Explorer : if I deactivate keepalive on it becomes very slow.
(doesn't make a difference with Firefox though).

I had also noticed this on other websites, that become very slow without keepalive only on IE.
(but IE is 80% of the market so we better take care of these visitors)

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