Re: server-status and haproxy

From: Nahuel ANGELINETTI <>
Date: Fri, 16 May 2008 10:03:12 +0200


Scott Smith a écrit :
> Nahuel ANGELINETTI wrote:

>> Hi,
>> I'm watching the server-status and there is all source ip as my 
>> haproxy server ip.
>> I tryied to use mod_rpaf but seems to not do what i want.
>> Have you any other idea to see the server-status with right ips ?
>> Thanks you

> The question is which IP to use? If you have multiple VIPs, how does
> HAProxy know which to use? We can use the IP assigned to the stats VIP,
> but what if you have multiple stats VIPs? I'm sure it can be overcome,
> but don't know HAProxy enough to say how much work it would take.
> I believe another issue has been the size limit of the stats. Now that
> the bug causing this limit has been fixed, I think it will be easier for
> things such as this to be displayed.

I set the mod_rpaf ip as displayed in the actual server-status, but mod_rpaf does not replace it by the ip provided in the x-forwarded-for header.
I'll upgrade haproxy version today, but I don't think the problem comes from haproxy.


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