Re[2]: Client IP address TPROXY alternatives?

From: Ross West <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 13:39:17 -0400

DvD>> Are there alternatives to get the client IP? Can't HAProxy simply sent
DvD>> the client IP address plaintext when the connection has been initiated
DvD>> so the mailserver can intercept that data and use it as client IP?

RW> But now you've got to create a 'smtp' mode within haproxy so that it
RW> understands the smtp protocol and can add the extra xforward
RW> header(s) into the stream cleanly. Unfortunately, this mode doesn't RW> exist at the current time.

To follow up on my own email - using postfix's XCLIENT functionality, this should be a relatively easy system to build into haproxy as a new 'mode'. Do the initial connection, select a backend, send the xclient data and then just pass data back and forth without interpretation between the real client and server.



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