Re: Sending requests to servers that are marked as down?

From: Willy Tarreau <>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2008 12:29:50 +0100

Hi Kai,

On Mon, Dec 01, 2008 at 11:17:55AM +0000, Kai Krueger wrote:
> I suspect another important aspect of why other people might not have
> noticed this is that in our case, the backend server still respond with
> correct HTTP in a timely manor when marked down, so the other mechanisms
> that retry and redispatch sessions on connection errors didn't catch it.

I think you're right, this makes the bug even harder to trigger.

> >Could you please try this patch ? If it works, I'll merge it and release
> >two more versions.
> >
> I haven't had the chance to test it properly yet so this is a
> preliminary conclusion, but I do get the impression that unfortunately
> it didn't seem to work. I need to try it in my test setup again though,
> as there is too much other stuff going on on the production server. I
> did notice though that in the code there is one place, where
> process_srv_queue() is called with out the may_qequeue_tasks() check and
> that is in session_free(), which could potentially explain it?

Yes, it does. I remember why this one was not checked, it was because I did not want to leave unserved requests in the queue. But now that set_server_up() checks the queue, there should be no problem. Feel free to add a test above it.

Well in fact I see a very minor case where we could have a problem, it is if we change a server's weight from 0 to non-zero while it still has pending connections and no active one. We will not consume the queue, which will finally timeout. But the problem is already present and will need to be addressed by checking the queue upon every weight change.

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