Retrying backend servers

From: Dylan Egan <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2009 12:13:04 +1100


I want to understand the process a bit more to clarify whether or not a retry should be occurring in this situation. Essentially I have a pretty standard haproxy setup and it has 7 backend servers. Now when a request comes in and it hits one of these servers (they're mongrels) and that server happens to be killed by monit the request will result in a 502. Is this the expected behaviour? I am using retries 3 and the redispatch option, but I'm not sure if in this case, when the backend server has received a request which then dies off, if haproxy should retry on another backend server or not.

I'm hoping that there is a setting somewhere in here that can tell haproxy to retry when the backend server dies mid-request. Also in the logs it shows that the retry count is 0.


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