HAProxy & mod_rails (Passenger)

From: Matthias Müller <matthias.c.mueller#gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 10:02:36 +0100

Hello there

I'm trying to find a suitable solution to load balance Rails applications via Passenger and HAProxy.Currentliy I'm doing a lot of testing using Apache Bench.

The setting is as simple as follows:

machine A: HAProxy
machine B: Apache with mod_rails

my test: 100 concurrent requests via Apache Bench

When running 100 concurrent requests against HAProxy, Apache Bench has a lot of non 2XX responses and I get a lot of BADRQ in my HAProxy log like:

Feb 19 08:50:25 localhost.localdomain haproxy[1890]: [19/Feb/2009:08:50:10.898] http-proxy http-proxy/member1 -1/13816/1/-1/14702 503 13757 - - ---- 99/99/99/9/0 0/32 "<BADREQ>"

When running 100 concurrent requests against Apache directly, everything works fine. I guess it's related to my setting.

Please, can anybody help? I'm really stuck.

  1. haproxy.cfg


         log   local0
         log   local0 notice
         user haproxy
         group haproxy
         chroot  /var/chroot/haproxy
         maxconn 4096
         log     global
         mode    http
         option  httplog
         option  dontlognull
         retries 5
         contimeout      15000
         clitimeout      50000
         srvtimeout      50000
         timeout queue   20000
         balance roundrobin
         stats enable
         stats hide-version
         stats scope   .
         stats uri     /haproxy?stats
         stats realm   Haproxy\ Statistics
         stats auth    admin:admin

listen  http-proxy *.visrez.com:80
         server  member1 test1.intern.com:80 maxconn 10 check inter 3000
         mode tcp
         option httpchk /heartbeat


2. Passenger configuration in apache2.conf: ...
PassengerMaxPoolSize 10
PassengerMaxInstancesPerApp 10
PassengerPoolIdleTime 300

Any ideas?

Really appreciate your help

Matt Received on 2009/02/19 10:02

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