Tw > timeout server, but no retries happened? sQ 503 NOSRV error in logs

From: Michael Fortson <>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 12:12:43 -0800

Feb 23 18:50:22 www haproxy[15344]: [23/Feb/2009:18:50:21.939] webservers fast_mongrels/<NOSRV> 0/101/-1/-1/101 503 212 - - sQ-- 322/309/9/0/0 0/1 "GET /blahblah/update/57f6c2408f HTTP/1.1"

  sQ The session spent too much time in queue and has been expired. See

          the "timeout queue" and "timeout connect" settings to find out how to
          fix this if it happens too often. If it often happens massively in
          short periods, it may indicate general problems on the affected
          servers due to I/O or database congestion, or saturation caused by
          external attacks.

Here's the relevant config:
        mode            http
        retries         20
        option          abortonclose
        option          redispatch

        timeout connect 100  # time waiting for backend server to accept
        timeout client  80s  # data from client (browser)
        timeout server  120s  # data from server (mongrel)

It looks like tW timed out (101 > 100), but shouldn't it have retried? Retries shows 0....

The backend also uses options httpclose and forceclose. 100 is a short server timeout, but with retries = 20, I'd expect it to move on to the next server or try again on this one (retries shows 0). Am I doing it wrong? :) Received on 2009/02/23 21:12

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