Re: HAProxy running at 10 Gigabit/s

From: Joseph Hardeman <>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 10:40:12 -0400

Hey Willy,

I would also love to see how you tuned everything to get the thru put and performance.



John Marrett wrote:
> Willy,
>> The rest is "just" kernel parameter tuning. I'm thinking about
>> writing a tuning guide for 2.6 kernels. I've once again been
>> contacted by a big site this week-end which was dying under load
>> because the sysctls had not been tuned, and that's a shame :-/
> I'd be very interested in how you attained these speeds (specific
> kernel, specific tuning parameters). A guide would be great, but it's
> not necessarily essential. We're seeing packet dropping issues in lab,
> well before we reach wire speed. Perhaps it's network card / driver
> related (e1000), and not kernel related.
> Anything you could share before you've written the guide would be much
> appreciated.
> -JohnF

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