From: Holger Just <>
Date: Mon, 08 Jun 2009 22:42:06 +0200

On 08.06.2009 22:25 Uhr, Infos E-Blokos wrote:
> Hi Holger and thanks for your answer.
> is VirtualIP the same role as CLUSTERIP ?

Actually, i have not worked with the ClusterIP approach yet. What I learned from is, that it is an extension to what is commonly called a virtual IP in HA speak.

What I (and most other people) mean by "virtual IP" is just an additional IP address which is under control of a resource agent like IPAddr or IPAddr2. That IP is shared in the cluster and is assigned to exactly one of the cluster nodes. If one node fails, the IP is switched over. That IP is distinguishable from the static IPs of each of the cluster nodes.

The ClusterIP approach adds a loadbalancing technique on top of that by applying special iptables rules (see the link).

I think, what we need here is just the virtual IP. Additionally you might want to observe the haproxy process. As I found it extremely stable by now, I have not managed that yet (read: have not found time to look into that...)

However, I'm sure, the list can help here :)

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