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From: benoit <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 21:28:23 +0200

Michal Krajcirovic a écrit :
> hello,
> I need to do on one server balancer, which will operate as follows:
> one of its IP will come all the requests, and he is sent to one
> server. in the event of failure, it will send one to the other.
> I need but to date correspond to those sites (eg large avi) netekly
> through the server with haproxy, but directly to the user.
> Can you do this?
> thanks

Well, honestly i'm not sure of what you are trying to accomplish.

There is what i understood from your message:

    You want to setup some basic load-balancing in front of at least two (web?) servers.

    For some reason you doesn't want large static data to come back thru the haproxy server.

This assymetric data path isn't supported by haproxy: you need a way to translate back the backend
IP adress to the frontend (public) IP so that your packets are correctly interpreted by the web browser
(or any application having initiated the data transfert). While F5's BigIP devices does have a way to do
 this, it ain't very clean (quite the opposite in fact).

One simple solution with haproxy could be to have two domains, one will use the haproxy ip adresse
to provide failover, while the other will access directly to the backends for static datas (using DNS RR
for simple load sharing for example):   =>   => haproxy box => backend1
                                                    => backend2
                                                    => backend3
                                                     .... => backend1
                                   => backend2
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