cookie that is inserted always expires on browser exit, can i change that?

From: Christian Brennsteiner <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2009 13:40:01 +0200

dear group,

we are trying to bind a session for a very long time to a specific webserver.

so a client calls the page the first time gets a server
and should remain for as long as possible on this server (even when he stops and restarts the browser)

so my question is:
is it possible to bind a browser for "the lifetime or at least some hours" to a specific server (as long as the server is available)?

my config wors very well but the browser switches servers when the browser is restarted
i think the cookie"GUI" is the problem as it expires when the browser restarts.

listen myPoint :9010
mode http
server cookie Edi11 check inter 30000 rise 4 fall 2
server cookie Edi22 check inter 30000 rise 4 fall 2
balance roundrobin
cookie GUI insert indirect
appsession GUI len 100 timeout 3h

any hints appreciated.

sorry if i have some newbie tendencies .. i am playing aroung with ha proxy only for a view hours now.
regards chris

Christian Brennsteiner
Salzburg / Austria / Europe
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