Re: Help needed

From: Holger Just <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 20:18:21 +0200

On 17.06.2009 19:59 Uhr, Karthik Pattabhiraman wrote:
> We use HAProxy 1.3.17 for our setup. We faced an issue where the
> requests were redirected to a wrong cluster. We are still not able to
> figure out why this happened and would really appreciate any help.
> Please find attached a sample configuration file. In this case when
> requests were coming to they were redirected to
> ad_cluster and we are at out wits end trying to figure what is wrong.


I assume not every request is routed the wrong way but seemingly arbitrary requests. Further I assume that requests to nbc_cluster and ad_cluster happen on the same page (i.e. a browser hits both clusters in a single page view)

If this is the case you might try to include the "option httpclose" directive into your frontend or your default section. As you just included it into into the nbc_cluster backend and not the other ones I think this will cause trouble as it imposes a race condition on which requests will be served first in a connection.

Please also read the documentation for option httpclose (and possibly option forceclose) again...

--Holger Received on 2009/06/17 20:18

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