Re: disable-on-404

From: Benoit <>
Date: Wed, 05 Aug 2009 14:55:54 +0200

Kent Noonan a écrit :
> Hello all...
> I am working on a new setup and am having an issue, that I will admit, is probably me misreading the docs. We have a couple of other load balance solutions, so I am not new to the concept, this is just our first use of haproxy.
> I have 5 backend servers and I am trying to configure it so they can be taken out of service by using the availability of a file. Here is the relevant config section:
> backend application-servers
> balance roundrobin
> appsession session_id len 32 timeout 1h
> mode http
> http-check disable-on-404
> option httpchk /alive.htm
> server bb-app1 check
> server bb-app2 check
> server bb-app3 check
> server bb-app4 check
> server bb-app5 check
> What I am trying to do is if a file exists at the uri of /alive.htm the server is available. If that file gets deleted off of the server that server will be taken out of service for new connections and still allow existing connections. For some reason this isn't working, when looking at the stats page all servers show UP even though only one of the servers has the /alive.htm file on it. I am running 1.3.19 on a 64bit architecture.
> Can anyone see what I am missing, or have any other words of wisdom to hopefully get this working for me?
> Thanks
> Kent

I was using " option httpchk HEAD /nagios.htm HTTP/1.0\r\nHost:" and no special "htto-check disable-on-404" and it worked fine, in at least. Received on 2009/08/05 14:55

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