High Availability question

From: Matt <mattmoran76#gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2009 16:58:01 +0000


I'm currently looking at setting up HA proxy in an Active/Active cluster and have the following set-up that appears to be working. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? or where there could be an issue with client -> backend traffic?

Two HA Proxy servers running in a NAT type configuration, that is eth0 on 10.x and eth1 on 192.x range.
Traffic comes in on two virtual IPs (managed by heartbeat/pacemaker) that are on the 10.x range and the backend servers are all on the 192.x range.

In the haproxy config I have the frontends listening to all interfaces with *:80 and everything is in httpmode. The config is the same on both servers, so both haproxy load balancers balance to all backends.

Could this be an issue?

Failover seems to be really simple as I don't need to restart/reload the haproxy service as haproxy is already listening on that interface.

I've run tests against both haproxy servers while failing over the virtual IP, and while connections to the failed haproxy get reset at the point of failover, new connections work fine.

I was worried that there maybe some routing issues with this setup, anyone else done similar?


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