,PPD Christmas Offers for you!

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Date: Fri, 4 Dec 2009 08:20:37 -0600
Christmas Special Offer
$5     bonus for $50
$10   bonus for $100
$30   bonus for $200
$45   bonus for $300
$60   bonus for $400
$100 bonus for $500

If the button above is not clickable in your email client,
please mailto: ad_sales@brothersoft.com.

The holiday is near! Want to get more sales with less cost?
BrotherSoft PPD helps you!
Brothersoft Pay-Per-Download (PPD) is a new way to promote your software, a small number of inputs can bring you potential customers, effectively upgrade your software downloads.

Here comes our Holiday Sales promotion for Christmas!
Plese reply this letter and confirm that you would like to try PPD ads,
You will get $50 trial bonus.If recharge, you will get the bonus above.
Note: The trial bonus must be used up before Januay 30th.It will expire after this deadline.

Not bad?Hurry and take advantage of this great offer
- Valid until December 25th!

Start Now!

Note :
1. Sales promotion starts from 12/10/2009, and ends on12/25/2009.
2. The amount should be the accumulative total you recharged during the sales promotion period.
     The extra bonus will deposit to your PPD account During 12/28/2009-12/30/2009

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