Re: Getting rid of the "...has no server available!"-message on console

From: Cyril Bonté <>
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2009 00:06:00 +0100


Le vendredi 11 décembre 2009 09:45:00, Balcoes a écrit :
> Hi. Is there an easy way to get rid of the ".has no server
> available!"-message? I reboot every night (and sometimes during the day) the
> development server and in the morning there is this error message on 20+
> consoles. I don't want to shut down HAproxy for the duration of the reboot
> as HAproxy also monitors production servers. All the best, B

This is due to your syslog configuration, which logs "emerg" level messages to the console.

Check the documentation of haproxy (section 4.2, "log"), it allows you to change the minimum level of the messages : setting the 4th parameter (minlevel) to "alert" (for example) will send all the "emerg" messages as an "alert" one, so that this won't appear on the console.

Cyril Bonté
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