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From: Angelo Höngens <>
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 2009 14:16:11 +0100

On 30-12-2009 14:04, Marcus Herou wrote:
> Hi Willy, thanks for your answer it got filtered, that's why I missed it
> for two weeks.
> Let's start with describing the service.
> We are hosting javascripts of the sizes up to 20K and serve flash and
> image banners as well which of course are larger. That is basically it..
> Ad Serving.
> On the LB's we have about 2MByte/s per LB = 2x2MByte/s = 4MByte/s
> ~30MBit/s at peak, that is not the issue.
> I've created a little script which parse the "active connections" from
> the HAProxy stat interface and plots it into Cacti, it peaks at 100
> (2x100) connections per machine which is very little in your world I guess.
> I've attached a plot of tcp-connections as well. Nothing fancy there
> either besides that the number of TIME_WAIT sockets are in the 10000
> range (log scale)
> Here's the problem:
> Everyother day I receive alarms from Pingdom that the service is not
> available and if I watch the syslog I get at about the same timings
> hints about possible SYN flood. At the same timings we receive emails
> from sites using us that our service is damn slow.
> What I feel is that we get "hickups" on the LB's somehow and that
> requests get queued. If I count the number of rows in the access logs on
> the machines behind the LB it decreases at the same timings and with the
> same factor on each machine (perhaps 10-20%) leading me to think that
> the narrow point is not on the backend side.

Maybe interesting, maybe not: I had some problems like this as well and in my case I think this was caused by the limited number of outgoing ports from my proxy machines..

I don't use connection keep-alives, and I think my balancers were reusing ports faster than the backend windows machines could handle or something like that.. Anyway, after I changed my FreeBSD's available outgoing ports range, all problems were solved again.

Here's my sysctl for my FreeBSD 7.2 machines, but as Willy said, this might not work for everyone.



@Willy or someone else, feel free to comment on these settings if you see something strange.


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