Haproxy / stunnel performance

From: Michael Rennt <m.rennt#gmx.net>
Date: Wed, 12 May 2010 17:15:37 +0200


This might be a bit off-topic (but just a little bit), as my question is related to the performance of stunnel when used with haproxy.

First of all: Is haproxy + stunnel the most common technique for terminating ssl with haproxy? Is there a solution that's more common or even uncommon but performing better on a 99% ssl traffic loadbalancer?

We are currently terminating ssl via stunnel (4.27, ulimit -n 50000), handing the decrypted traffic over to haproxy 1.3.23 via Haproxy is proxying the request to 2 other systems.

The loadbalancer is an Intel XeonDual Core E3110 with 4 GB RAM, so plenty of ressources for a system doing nothing else besides ssl termination / load balancing.

We are experiencing a limit of about 100 requests per second on the ssl path. Unencrypted direct connections to haproxy perform much better, of course, so I'm pretty sure haproxy is not a bottleneck.

Basically I'm interessted in getting feedback on how other people implement ssl termination on a haproxy system and if you're reaching a request rate higher than 100 req/s? This is why I didn't supply any configuration settings in this mail.

The stunnel config is very basic. We played around with the timeout values and ulimit values a bit, without any noticeable performance boost while the system was loaded.

The system load "idles" at around 0.11 most of the time.

Thanks in advance.


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