Re: Rollover Backups

From: Laurie Young <>
Date: Thu, 13 May 2010 12:36:07 +0100

Thanks for the response chris

> * if the main server goes up - requests continue going to the backup
>> (until manual intervention)
> * This is done by specifying a cookie on your backup server - the requests
> will then continue to be handled by that server until the session expires
> (or the server goes down)

Unfortunately the servers here are not web servers, so setting a cooke is not an option. I also need new requests to go to the backup - not just sessions already in play.

It's an instance of Redis, (a key value store). The main server would be the master, with the backup being the slave. If the master goes down and write operations get sent to the slave, we cannot send ANY requests to the master till we have been able to re-sync them (which is a manual operation)

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