Re: Load balancing and Logging questions

From: Cyril Bonté <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 21:59:51 +0200


Le lundi 26 juillet 2010 08:43:41, Barak Yaish a écrit :
> Hello all,
> I've 2 RMI servers fronted by haproxy 1.4.8, here is the config file:
> (...)
> I've created a RMI client against the haproxy machine, and invoking
> functionS indeed directed to the concrete servers. The problem is, that
> after the client created, all traffic directed to only one server, and no
> load balance occures. Re-creating the client may result with traffic
> directed to the other server, but still - only to that server.
> Question No. 1: Is my config file wrong?
> I'm trying to figure it what I'm doing wrong, since my config file
> looks quite simple.

I see 2 problems with RMI load balancing :

  1. RMI connections are persistent, with a default timeout of about 15 seconds. If something happens in this interval, the connection is maintained.
  2. RMI uses dynamic ports fot the objects, this socket will be directly established between the client ant the RMI server, without connecting to the haproxy server, and is also persistent.

Maybe you can try to reduce the value of the property sun.rmi.transport.connectionTimeout but it won't be perfect.

> Question No. 2: Is there a way to configure haproxy to dump data regarding
> the traffic it directs to a simple file rarther than syslog server ? Trying
> to run with -d displayed some lines which do not tell me alot:

No, all the logs are sent via UDP.

Cyril Bonté
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