502 response code when client closes the connection

From: Andrew Farmer <andrew#moovweb.com>
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2010 20:27:54 -0700

Haproxy 1.3.22 will log a 502 status code when the client closes the connection, and then it closes it's connection with the upstream server.

Can I change this behavior? I would like haproxy to log something in the range of 418-499, or even put a dash or empty space in the log. Printing nothing might make sense because the client isn't getting a response at all.

A 502 is supposed to mean that haproxy received an invalid response from the upstream server. That is not the case when the client closes the connection. 50x errors are supposed to mean that the server did something wrong, which also is not the case when the client closes the connection.

A 502 could mean that my ruby server returned an invalid response, and I would like to be able to differentiate that from a client connection close. I have mobile users and they close their connections all the time, so this is a big issue for me.

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