Gold dust availability

From: Harry Moore <>
Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2010 10:10:30 +0600


Firstly let me introduced myself to you because I searched you on the internet and decided to mail you about a business that might be of interest to you.          

I am Harry Moore, the chief security officer of Shurgard storage & Security company located in London, the United Kingdom. Shurgard is a company that deals with storage people and organizationsí valuable goods and properties. I will need you to assist me in claiming and selling a large quantity of gold dust worth an estimated two million US dollars (2,000,000 USD), which was abandoned in our custody for the past two years without prior claims.  

I will give you the details of the gold dust as soon as you agreed to work with me. If we work diligently the entire project would be complete within 7 working days. Once the transaction is completed, the total amount of money realized after the sales of the gold dust will be shared in the percentage ratio of 50-50.  

Should you be interested in this project, please kindly reply me so that I can give you the full detail of the project. Your earlier reply will be highly appreciated, thanks for your consideration.  

Harry Moore Received on 2010/09/07 06:10

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