hosting HAProxy and content servers in different locations

From: Daniel Storjordet <>
Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2010 12:30:18 +0200


Current implementation of HAProxy is working great for us. The other day we had a server failure without us or our customers' noticing.

Today our HAProxy solution is hosted on the same location as our content servers. Unfortunately we have experienced problems with our hosting companies. Changing the IP for all the domain names for the web pages hosted on our servers every time we need to switch to a new host is too much work.

To solve this we wish to relocate the HAProxy servers to a different location than the content servers. The new host is placed at the backbone of our countrys internet and the ips can be moved to another host if needed. With this change we will be able to host our content servers and backup servers at any location and can move them around without updating all the domain names every time.

However we are concerned about the performance penalty of hosting the HAProxy servers at an different location that the content servers. Are there any statistics on what kind of performance penalty we will receive, and any other unforeseen effects this might have?


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