Re: HAPROXY & pool of keep-alive connections to backend

From: dormando <>
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2010 13:23:49 -0700 (PDT)


> This mechanism (connection multiplexing) will be worked on once we have
> server-side keep-alive. There are several issues doing this. HTTP only
> allows you to send an idempotent request over a keep-alive connection,
> because if the connection closes while you're sending, you have to re-emit
> the request without knowing if it was processed or not. So basically you
> must not send POSTs nor any request looking like a dynamic request, which
> limits the feature to static files. I know that some vendors tend to do
> that on anything because it looks better. Just ask them what customers
> use that on your payment requests ;-)

You know, we've had this in perlbal for half a decade or so. Have you tested the implementation at all? Perlbal sits in front of almost everything, and mostly with backend keepalives enabled. On paranoid/broken systems you can always leave client persist on and disable backend persist, but you add some latency.

If nothing else, I'd be curious to know what real bugs perlbal has relative to backend keepalives, so we can document them at least.

-Dormando Received on 2010/09/12 22:23

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