[ANNOUNCE] haproxy 1.4.12

From: Willy Tarreau <w#1wt.eu>
Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2011 23:18:16 +0100


I'm announcing haproxy 1.4.12. I know I did not take the time to announce 1.4.11 to the list when I released it one month ago, but now spare time seems to get available again so here are the two announcements at once.

First, here's the short changelog between 1.4.10 and 1.4.11 :

Second, here's the same changelog for 1.4.11 to 1.4.12 :

As you can see, those are quite a number of bugs. It does not mean the product is getting worse, rather that users are exploiting more and more its possibilities, that the quality of bug reports really increases, and that we're discovering bugs in the code when developing on new branches.

Many of these issues above are really just minor annoyances (mainly wrong flags reported in the logs for some errors for instance). They're still worth upgrading at least to avoid wasting time trying to debug wrong issues.

However, there are three in 1.4.11 that I consider more important depending on the use cases :

In 1.4.12, this are more balanced. Some headers were not correctly processed after removal of the last header (issue reported to the list by Stefan Behte), disabling a disabled proxy from the CLI could result in a segfault (reported by Bryan Talbot, fixed by Cyril Bonté), "balance url_param" was completely broken on POST requests (reported by Bryan Talbot too), it is theorically possible to get HTTP chunk size wrong if only the CR is sent as the last byte of the buffer, waiting for the LF to wrap around in a subsequent packet, ACLs loaded from a file did not correctly close the file descriptor upon success (reported by Bertrand Jacquin), the recently added srv_id ACL could segfault if the server is not known (reported by Hervé Commowick), rlimits were not correctly updated for listening sockets (reported by the loadbalancer.org team), the stats page in admin mode did not support multi-packet requests (fixed by Cyril).

All of those bugs fixed in 1.4.12 are more annoying than the cosmetic ones in 1.4.11, though not critical, and were discovered, diagnosed and fixed by many people. The speed at which we're now able to fix bugs indicates to me that they're less dramatic than they used to be, that they're much better reported and that more people are able to work on the code and to provide fixes. This is the really nice point because it shows that our working capacity is starting to scale :-)

Speaking of users and scaling, I recently added a section "they use it" on the web site. I happened too often that some people were asking for examples of sites running haproxy, and since in parallel some users regularly like to send me a little note about their success story, I found it logical to have them say what they think of it. Of course, you'll only find there the ones who publicly admit using it, we all know a number of very cool sites who don't want to be reported there :-)

I'm still working on 1.5, trying to get server-side keep-alive working. Now I think I have found the correct architectural changes to perform prior to that, it's not easy but thing seem to go smoothly in one of my experimental branches. If I can at least reach a point I'm satisfied with, I'll release 1.5-dev4 so that 1.5-dev users can update and get their bugs fixed too.

Enough talking, the sources and builds are available at the usual place. This time I took the time to also provide the Sparc builds, that were delayed since 1.4.9 :

   site index : http://haproxy.1wt.eu/
   sources    : http://haproxy.1wt.eu/download/1.4/src/
   changelog  : http://haproxy.1wt.eu/download/1.4/src/CHANGELOG
   binaries   : http://haproxy.1wt.eu/download/1.4/bin/

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