HAProxy pconn question

From: Mike Oxford <moxford#gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2011 13:12:21 -0700

From what I can tell via Docs + The Great Google<tm> I see that HAProxy seems to work in three ways for HTTP/1.1 persistant connections.

  1. Full keep alive, 1:1 mapped client-server. All requests go to the same server.
  2. option http-server-close Keep client side open, shut down server side.
  3. option httpclose Shut down both server and client side.

I am looking for something which will keep m-servers AND n-clients connected, but which will balance around the open connections between two realms.

Once the clients and servers are connected I would like to balance them without rebuilding ANY of the sockets on either "side."

Does HAProxy support this in anyway that I have not seen, hopefully in the L3/4 area and not using HTTP/1.1 keep alive semantics?

TIA! -mox Received on 2011/03/30 22:12

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