Is it possible for haproxy to connect to backend server specified in an http header

From: Delta Yeh <>
Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2011 00:24:14 +0800

Hi all,
 When setting up a web hosting service with haproxy, there is a requirement. The case is :

client :


nginx sit between client and haproxy, haproxy work in transparnt mode.

client send request to ,the request is redirect to nginx box.
nginx get the original server and add a header x-original-to: , nginx proxy request to haproxy, haproxy proxy request to the original www server specified in http header "x-original-to"

the config fragment of haproxy may like:

backend wwws

        mode http
        server  virtual-host-server addr_header x-original-to
        source usesrc hdr_ip(x-forwarded-for,-1)

so server option "addr_header x-original-to" tell haproxy the real www server address to be connected to is specified in header "x-original-to"

So my question is it possible for haproxy to do this?

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