Some client behind NAT have problem when access to the HAProxy

From: andqt83 <>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2011 11:43:50 +0700

Dear all,

I have an issue and I have google, but do not find out. Please someone help me please.

My system use HAProxy for loadbalancing, and my customer have some clients behind a Linux NAT gateway access to my web site. The issue is that some time those clients can not access to my site.

 Clients --> NAT ------internet------- HA --> Webserver

We do a test:

From client IPs: --> is NAT behind a Linux machine, telnet to IP HAproxy, port 80, some time can telnet success, some time it timeout. If we only use 1 Client, it can telnet to HAProxy port 80 without problem.

I don't know that where the problem from? Our HAproxy or Customer NAT? Please help me.

My HAProxy (Version 1.3. 19) config is like below:


    ulimit-n 65536
    nbproc 4
    maxconn 10480

    uid 99
    gid 99

    chroot /usr/opt/haproxy

    mode http
    log global

    option dontlognull
    option abortonclose
    option redispatch
    option httpclose
    no option forceclose
    option accept-invalid-http-response     option accept-invalid-http-request     no option checkcache
    retries 3

    timeout connect 5s
    timeout server 1m
    timeout client 10s

frontend WEBSERVER xxxx:80


Thanks for your help.


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