Re: Re: Re: [haproxy] about least Connection problem

From: 강동주 <>
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2011 15:16:18 +0900


I already asked about least Connection Problem..

my answer is "It is working well" ( least Connection )

but i hava another problem that haproxy is starting to dynamically..

i think some configuration( like : A connection : 2000 to 0 ) is Restart , when haproxy is started to dynamically.

 do you hava a any idea?

------this is my script----- ( i called script when update server)

time /haproxy/lib/haproxy -f /haproxy/conf/test.cfg -p /haproxy/pid/
-sf $(cat /haproxy/pid/

thank you , hava a nice day Received on 2011/09/29 08:16

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