Re: [PATCH] Fix compile errors on Debian systems

From: Arnaud Cornet <>
Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2008 19:17:51 +0100

> So if you know how I could make the dependencies optional, I agree to
> add this feature, but if there is no easy way for this, I'd rather
> leave it to the developer to know when to clean and when not to clean.
> I certainly can replace "make" by "make haproxy" to do a partial rebuild,
> but I do not want to have to hack deps files for this.

I just made the makefile look more like mine for fun. I don't really mind.

> > Note that GNU make is smart enough to deal with included files that it
> > generates itself. Older make are not.
> By "older", you mean which version ? I'm asking this because eventhough
> it's quite common to find GNU make >= 3.78.1 on Linux, when you work on
> other platforms, versions 3.75..3.77 are quite common too.

I know historical UNIX and BSD make do not deal with that. I am not sure if old GNU make lack that feature, but I doubt they do.


Arnaud Cornet
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