slow responses from haproxied realservers

From: Sebastian Vieira <>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 15:44:58 +0200


First of all, excuse my limited knowledge of haproxy. I haven't had the time yet to thoroughly go over the provided documentation, but this is on the todo list ;)

Second, this is a project i have inherited from a colleague who no longer works for us, so pardon my maybe obvious questions.

The setup is haproxy with keepalived on 2 loadbalancers that serves http traffic to 2 realservers (apache). The problem is that response from the realservers isn't always optimal. The website is a complicated one, yes, but it should normally load in under 5-6 seconds. Sometimes this is well over 20s and sometimes even close to a minute. Also i've noticed that traffic goes back through the loadbalancer, is this normal and/or configurable? Lastly i've noticed a huge amount of errors in the stats page from haproxy:

(name: req, conn, resp)
Frontend: 841921, -, -
webserver1: -, 934, 3041
webserver2: -, 1680, 3059
Backend: -, 133, 6100

I don't (yet) understand what these errors all mean, but if i compare it with the demo stats running on the haproxy main site i do notice a huge difference, so that might have something to do with the above mentioned problems.

I don't expect a solution, but some pointers as to where i could start looking at the problem would be appreciated.

To be complete, here's the haproxy.cfg: (real ip's and passwd hidden)


       log   local0 notice
       user haproxy
       group haproxy
       nbproc  4
       maxconn 32000

       log     global
       mode    http
       option  httplog
       option  dontlognull
       retries 3
       option redispatch
       contimeout      5000
       clitimeout      50000
       srvtimeout      30000
       maxconn 32000

listen webservers x.x.x.10:80
      log     global
      mode http
      stats enable
      stats auth admin:password
      balance roundrobin
      option httpclose
      option forwardfor
      option httpchk HEAD /check.txt HTTP/1.0
      server webs001 x.x.x.11:80 cookie A check
      server webs002 x.x.x.12:80 cookie B check

Thanks in advance,

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