Re: Debugging tool for HAProxy

From: Christoph Dorn <>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 16:40:21 -0700

> You mean if you're using it just at the beginning when performance is
> not a problem, right ? In this case, yes I can agree. Anyway, the
> added hooks should carefully be implemented so that they do not impact
> the performance when disabled.

=> Right.

> HTTP/1.1 already supports this, it's what's called "trailers". But your
> browser has to explicitly state that it supports them before you use
> them in a response. A trailer is simply a a header which you send after
> the end of the body, and before the next response. Seems scary (it is)
> but it's useful when you want to save your server from doing the same
> job twice. For instance, instead of reading a large file to compute
> its MD5 signature, then reading it again to send it, it's possible to
> read/send/sign on the fly, then report the signature after all data
> has been sent.
> I have no idea about the browsers which support it though. Some
> proxies may even not like it at all.

=> Thanks for pointing this out.

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