Re: Need to update README.

From: Dan Zubey <>
Date: Thu, 01 May 2008 12:24:06 -0700

Willy Tarreau wrote:

>> Anyways, what about making a wiki for user's hints and kinks on setup,
>> and just converting Willy's doc every so often (monthly, quarterly,
>> etc). That way Willy's workflow doesn't get interrupted. Having the
>> official docs be immutable makes the process one-way, so Willy doesn't
>> have to merge changes back in.
> But that must not prevent people from posting patches to update the official
> one :-)

Well, I think those patches should go directly to you :)

>> Thoughts?
> That looks like a plan. I know that a wiki may be a powerful tool, just like
> the ML has been. I just don't know how to start and rely on you all for this.
> So I'm really encouraging you to experiment, and I just want to be sure
> that you don't get frustrated when you see that I have trouble following
> this workflow I'm not used to, or that I don't understand some things, or
> even loudly emit hurting opinions :-)
> What you're proposing is to help *users*, and that's already a lot. The
> more users, the more testers and crontributors, the more fixes and features,
> and the best the product at the end.
> So yes, please do, and tell me when you want back links from the site.

Okay. At this point I already have mediawiki set up on one of our servers. Brian, why don't you register on it and lets get started?

It's at

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