Re: haproxy and compression... Anybody?

From: Unai Rodriguez <>
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 2008 01:28:38 -0600

> ok, so meaning HAProxy is able to peer inside the content to do its layer
> 7
> stuff, and it is also able to talk gzip to the clients? If so, that would
> be
> what I'm looking for. But currently, I dont see any zlib includes in the
> source code. Unless haproxy implements its own compression in-house? (in
> which case, I'm still looking through the code - but dont see anything).

Hi there,

My HAProxy was not compressing anything, but was able to pass the http requests to the backend servers (web server in my case). These web servers were the ones doing the gzip processing.

I have been able to do this setup on:

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