Re: haproxy and compression... Anybody?

From: Unai Rodriguez <>
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 2008 21:52:38 -0600

> btw, did some thinking :), and I thought i might have the answer. Would
> be safe to say (and i believe this is reasonable - I've been tracing down
> the code, but havent gotten to this bit yet :( ) that haproxy really
> doesnt
> do any reprocessing of the response body (only the headers), and so
> essentially, the gzipped content is "passed through" without modification
> (and the "Content-Encoding: gzip" header as well)? (I did see some
> of chunking in the docs, btw, but dont believe that haproxy does
> rechunking)

I believe that might be it, but Willy should be able to confirm :-)

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