Re: HAproxy and interface bonding

From: Matthieu Huguet <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 22:32:11 +0200

Hi Willy,

Thanks for your feedback !

> in active-backup mode or in load-balancing ?

It will be in load-balancing mode. The goal is to increase our traffic to more than 1Gbps.

> If you want to use LB, be careful
> about the choice of algorithms, and avoid round-robin as much as you can, as
> it de-sequences packets. This can increase memory and CPU usage on the
> receiver. However, XOR and ALB are generally fine. You really need to experiment, though.

Thanks for the advice.
I will test ALB and dynamic 802.3ad (if the switch support it). At this time, I don't know exactly the capabilities of the switch we use.

I don't think XOR is fine for our case, because we need to balance the input and output traffic.


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