RE: Cacti templates -- bounty?

From: Mathieu Trudel <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 12:06:33 -0400


I've attached the templates I've built for monitoring backends and frontends of haproxy.

To install these, you will need to copy the XML files from the contrib/ directory of the haproxy distribution into a directory that Cacti can reach, and edit the Data Queries "HaProxy Backends" and "HAProxy Frontends" accordingly (the "XML Path" field. It's also dependant on having a version of net-snmp that supports embedded Perl, and including the "perl do '';" directive in your snmpd.conf file.

As for what is created:

In the graphs and data sources, limits are set to reasonably high values to support up to nearly 10G traffic, and up to 10000 concurrent connections.

/ Matt

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