High-volume HAProxy deployment tips?

From: Daniel Gentleman <danielg#chegg.com>
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008 13:48:47 -0800


I've been using HAProxy in a production environment for some time and am generally pleased with the results. However, I'd like to get some feedback from other users and developers on the best way to tune this for our needs. Basically:

  1. We have two active clusters. One serves LAMP content with Apache and the other serves static content (images, thumbnails, etc.) using lighttpd. Is there any concern in running multiple HAProxy instances on the same server? We are doing so now but last night's load test produced mixed results regarding content from the static server.
  2. Our proxy server is running FreeBSD 7.0 Stable. Are there any recommended kernel or sysctl flags we can put in place to get optimal network performance?
  3. Has anyone noticed performance or stability issues after a certain level of bandwidth or number of concurrent connections?

Thanks much!

---Daniel Gentleman
Systems Administrator Received on 2008/12/17 22:48

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