RE: Do I need more than HAProxy for SSL webserver

From: Tom Potwin <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2009 11:26:19 -0400

Thanks for that advice.
Does anyone know where there are any how-to's for setting up something like this? The architecture.txt file doesn't go into much detail.

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Hi Tom,

Yes, you will need something to terminate the HTTPS requests before they get sent to HAProxy, because HAProxy is currently not able to handle such requests. I think it is a common practice to install the HTTPS termination software and HAProxy on the same box. Stunnel, Apache + mod_ssl, and nginx are all popular software that can be used for this task. As a personal preference I would recommend the last two, as I find stunnel a little cumbersome when dealing with multiple certificates.

For more information:

Hope this helps,

On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 8:24 AM, Tom Potwin<> wrote:
> After going through these archives, I'm still not clear on if I need
> something more than HAProxy to add SSL to my backend servers. Right
> now I have HAProxy running on a virtual node (LB1) in front of another
> virtual node with the web server (WEB1). This is all behind a
> firewall/router that's routing one of my public IP's to the shared
> local address. I need to add at least three SSL certificates to three
> sites on my web server. Here is my current cfg setup:
> global
>        log   local0
>        log   local1 notice
>        maxconn 4096
>        user haproxy
>        group haproxy
> defaults
>        log     global
>        mode    http
>        option  httplog
>        option  dontlognull
>        retries 3
>        redispatch
>        maxconn 2000
>        contimeout      5000
>        clitimeout      50000
>        srvtimeout      50000
> listen webfarm,
>       mode http
>       stats enable
>       stats auth netadmin:5bgr+bdd1WbA
>       balance roundrobin
>       cookie JSESSIONID prefix
>       option forceclose
>       option httpclose
>       option forwardfor
>       option httpchk HEAD /check.txt HTTP/1.0
>       server web1 cookie w01 check inter 2000 rise 2
> fall
> 2
>       server web2 cookie w02 check inter 2000 rise 2
> fall
> 2
>       option persist
>       redispatch
>       contimeout 5000
>       rspidel ^Set-cookie:\ IP= # do not let this cookie tell our
> internal IP address
> I've read that all I need is to change mode http to mode tcp, balance
> roundrobin to balance source, and option httpchk to option
> ssl-hello-chk, and all should work. Then I also read that HAProxy
> can't do SSL so you have to install something like stunnel to get it
> to work. I'm trying to keep things as simple as I can, so what is the
correct way for me to handle this?
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