Re: Duplicate checks in backup servers?

From: Holger Just <>
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 20:46:13 +0200

Pedro Mata-Mouros Fonseca wrote:
> This is my first post into this mailing list, been following it for a
> few days. So, greetings from Portugal. I have a small doubt: I have a
> few backend sections defined in my haproxy.conf, one of each is composed
> of server1 to 4 - and all of them using the check keyword. In another
> backend I use those servers as backups to the main one, and my question
> is: do I have to explicitely specify check on these backups in order for
> this later backend to be aware of their health? Will this not double the
> healthchecks for them?


You can use the track keyword on backend servers to track the health status of other servers. You can use it like this:

backend primary

    server www1 check port 80 inter 5s     server www2 check port 80 inter 5s

backend secondary

    server www1_secondary track primary/www1     server www2_secondary track primary/www2

Health checks will be performed only once every 5 seconds for each of the servers.

--Holger Received on 2009/06/26 20:46

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