Re: Small patch for the "appsession" feature

From: Cyril Bonté <>
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2009 20:04:48 +0100

considering what we said in this thread, here is the complete patch.

To sum up :
- len : it's now the max number of characters for the value, preventing garbaged results. - a new option "prefix" is added, this allows to use dynamic cookie names (e.g. ASPSESSIONIDXXX). Previously in the thread, I wanted to use the value found with "capture cookie" but when i started to update the documentation, I found this solution quite weird. I've made a small rework to not depend on "capture cookie". - There's the posssiblity to define the URL parser mode (path parameters or query string).

This patch is based on the haproxy-ss-20091129 snapshot.

Le mercredi 18 novembre 2009 06:40:52, Willy Tarreau a écrit :
> I think that if it causes some trouble, we can optionally limit the
> position of the argument in the query-string. But right now I don't
> think it is much of a problem, because :
> 1) we don't check the query string when we find the cookie in the
> headers (at least I believe :-))

Well, after a last minute check, the URL parameters were parsed before the client cookies. I've interverted the 2 steps so that URL parameters are only parsed if no client cookie is found.

Aleksandar, Willy, is this ok for you ?

Cyril Bonté

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