Re: anybody know how to health check a twisted xmlrpc server?

From: Willy Tarreau <>
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 2009 06:57:52 +0100

On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 09:48:15PM -0800, David Birdsong wrote:
> i see that POST is a valid httpchk parameter, but without ripping
> twisted apart, i'm not sure how it could allow an empty POST through
> to code that could return a 200 or 204.
> has anybody already gone through this?

Never tested, but right now you can still post contents and headers, though it's a ugly hack. It consists in appending the headers and data after the HTTP version :

        option httpchk POST /something HTTP/1.0\r\nContent-length:\ 7\r\n\r\nfoo=bar

I told you it was ugly :-)

You may also have to specify a Host: header depending on your service, and maybe even a content-type. Find about it by trial and error. Please post your findings on the list, as I'm sure other people might be interested too.

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