Haproxy + Ajax

From: eni-urgence <eni-urgence#scan-eco.com>
Date: Fri, 21 May 2010 18:11:58 +0200

Hello (again).
In this interview http://linuxfr.org/2008/09/15/24484.html (in french), Willy Tareau said that there is some problem with php application which use ajax technologie. because haproxy ignore keep alive. Is there a big impact on performance ?
My web server are configured with
/KeepAlive Off
MaxKeepAliveRequests 100
KeepAliveTimeout 15/
and i dont think php redefine this variable.

I read that a option http-pretend-keepalive have been added to version 1.4.4. have i any interrest to use this option?

 Is there any kind of thing about not using ajax and haproxy together? Like haproxy cut the url which can be very long with ajax call. Is someone had experience problem . And what kind?

Thank you

Newbie french user of haproxy
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