recommended maxconn setting

From: Guy Knights <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2010 00:55:54 -0700

We have a setup currently with haproxy in front of 5 webservers running nginx and apache. Nginx set up to proxy dynamic requests to PHP and serve out static content itself. It seems to work well, and over time we've adjusted the maxconn settings gradually to where it's now configured with 25000 maxconn, with each of the 5 web servers set to a maxconn of 5000. This is probably overkill as haproxy is usually serving no more than 500 current connections in total, but the web servers are running on some pretty powerful hardware so my thinking is that it doesn't hurt to have the option there in case load increases over time (which we forsee being the case).

The web servers are 16 core, with 12gb ram, while the haproxy server is quad core, also with 12gb ram. This being the case, can anyone offer any advice as to whether I should tweak the maxconn settings - whether to lower or raise it, either globally or at a server-specific level? Also, if there are any other config options I should consider I'd appreciate any advice as this is a new setup for us and we're learning as we go.

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