Establishing connection lasts long

From: Tim Korves <>
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2011 13:22:34 +0200

Hi there,

we're using haproxy 1.4.15 on a Ubuntu 10.04 box. This box is virtualised, HW-specs: 1 CPU-core (Xeon 2.00GHz), 512MB RAM, 2x 1GBit virtual LAN (these are also two different physical NICs in the HV).

Now we've got the problem, that the initial connect through haproxy seems to be delayed. The HTTP-Servers behind haproxy are physical one's and they seem to deliver the page quite a lot faster directly then using haproxy in front.

Any ideas or recommendations on checking haproxy to be not the source of the delay?

Regards, Tim

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